New Jersey City University since 1989
Associate Professor
Department of Music, Dance and Theatre
Applied Music: Individual lessons in guitar technique and repertoire for graduate and undergraduate classical guitar majors and minors.
Guitar Ensemble: works written or arranged for guitar ensemble.
Guitar Literature: music written for the guitar and ensembles including the guitar.
Guitar Methods: teach Music Education majors the basic elements of guitar performance, preparing them to teach the instrument in a classroom setting.
Modern Music: music in the Twentieth Century and beyond (1900 to 2008).
Survey of Music: the periods of Western art music.
Music of the World’s People: a introduction to non -western and popular styles for music majors
Department of Modern Languages since 2005

Latin American Music: musical styles and genres from selected Spanish- speaking countries within the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.
The Music of Spain: from the art and popular traditions. an introduction for language and music majors and educators to the musical styles and products from Spain.

Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division 1988 – 2010
Classical Guitar Instructor
Guitar Lessons

Chamber music
Guitar Ensemble

Rutgers University Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies 2007 – 2008
Guest Lecturer
Music of the Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada and the French departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

92nd St. “Y” School of Music 1990 – 2005
Classical Guitar Instructor

University of Puerto Rico Music Department 1981 – 1986
Adjunct Professor
Classical Guitar
Music Appreciation
Ear Training and Sight Singing 1 and 2
The Music of Puerto Rico

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